Holidays with the small plus

Anyone who has ever been to the Black Forest, appreciates its cordiality. Leisure and cosiness let forget the world. Here in the heart of the Black Forest guests are no strangers.
We would like to make your valuable time, even more lighthearted: with our guest card Black Forest Plus.   
Everyone is different and every day is new: Pass your time as you would like to!
In the morning, during a rich breakfast, have your stomach decided: How shall our day pass? We have compiled for you over 80 real and unique Black Forest adventures, out of which you may choose every day.
  • As of two overnight stays, you receive your personal card from your Black Forest Plus host. With it you can enjoy all the over 80 attractions – no weighing up, no extra costs but a great adventure.
  • As of two overnight stays, you receive on arrival your personal Black Forest Plus card from your host.
  • With it you may visit all the over 80 holiday adventures.
  • No weighing up, no extra costs but a great adventure.
Further information and an overview of all the attractions you can gather from Black Forest Plus

Frequently Asked Questions - answered quickly

A total of 80 activities are available for you which you can use according to the description during the regular opening- and operation hours. This can be a free of charge entrance, a free of charge attraction, a free ride or guided tour. An overview of all attractions you will find here:
Direct to SchwarzwaldPlus
Depending on the kind of adventure, you can use every offer minimum once per day. So, the visit of a castle, for example, is limited to one visit per day, the mountain railways are however all day at your disposal.
For each overnight stay you receive one day to use the Black Forest Plus card. Arrival and departure days are handled as one day of use.
Our Black Forest Plus partners take over the costs for the used performances – within the community and as strong cooperation between host and suppliers in the Black Forest. The usual expenses are therefore already included in the inexpensive room rates of our region. We would like that you do not only enjoy your accommodation but carefree all the holidays.