Germany’s biggest market place

The lively center of Freudenstadt forms Germany's largest enclosed market place.
It measures 219 x 216 meters and was built in 1599 according to the plans of master builder Heinrich Schickhardt. The floor plan is based on the Nine Men's Morris game board. Initially, the city builder Herzog Friedrich I. of Württemberg planned a castle in the center of the city. After his death, however, this plan was not followed. What remained was Germany’s biggest market place.
  • Today’s market place is divided in three parts due to the road layout – the upper market place, the lower market place and the post place.
  • The upper market place is location for various markets and events.
  • 1999, for the 400th anniversary of the city, the lower market place was redesigned and since then has become the lively center of the city. With its 50 water fountains, a large playground and beautiful cafes and restaurants, the lower market place invites to relax, linger and play – a feel-good oasis in the mid of the city.
  • All the market place is surrounded by arcades, which were designed late Renaissance. Also, after the deterioration of the city during the Second World War, the city core was rebuilt according to the old plans what characterizes the charm of the Black Forest.

Germany's biggest market square