Spa house and Congress Center

Style of the fifties
Der Vorplatz des Kurhauses im Frühling
Lauterbadstraße 5
72250 Freudenstadt
07441 864732
The Kurhaus was built by Ludwig Schweizer in 1954 and shines through the stylishly designed interiors up until today in the splendor of the 50s.
The building builds the center of all kinds of cultural events and conferences.
Specially the excellent theatre program, during which the stars put the door handle in one's hand, need to be highlighted.
Here you will find the current program.

In addition, the lovely created cure garden invites with wellness loungers and other seating possibilities to linger. A small oasis of calm midst the city.
A toilet for handicapped people is available
Suitable access with baby buggies is given
Wheelchair-accessible access is available