Market place

The biggest Market place in Germany
Blick aus der Vogelperspektive - Der Untere Marktplatz mit Fontänen und der Stadtkirche
72250 Freudenstadt
The market place in Freudenstadt is the largest enclosed market place in Germany and measures 219 x 216 meters.
Built in 1599 according to the plans of master builder Heinrich Schickhardt in the form of the mill board game.
Today the market place is divided into the upper market place, the lower market place and the post place.
To the city’s 400 anniversary in 1999, the lower market place was redesigned and is today with its 50 water fountains, beautiful cafes, large meadow areas and a playground, the heart of the city.
Would you like to know how it came about that Freudenstadt today has Germany's largest market place and what its special features are?
Then you will find here exciting things to the city history.