The square is situated in a fantastic park landscape and is characterized by the old trees and the absolute tranquility, although the complex is only a short distance from the center of Freudenstadt. Without having to book a starting time, the golf course offers for experienced as for starters an attractive, sporty and varied game. A special highlight on the square is line 11. The tee-off takes place in a valley with a narrow landing area, which is delimited on the left by the edge of the forest, on the right by a stream and from 200 m after the men's tee-off by a wet biotope. The shot on the elevated green at the edge of the forest demands a high degree of precision from the player. Some championship dreams already ended at this famous PAR 4.

The history of the golf course

The course of the already in 1929 founded Golf-Club Freudenstadt e.V. is one of the oldest and most traditional in Germany. End of the twenties, there was initially built a 7-hole course, which was however destroyed during the Second World War and used as training area of the stationed occupying troops. Thanks to this circumstance, for the golfers of Freudenstadt, there was built a 9-hole course in the year 1954. 1992 the extension to 18-holes was effected.

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